Walking Directions from Perth Train Station


From main entrance


If you alight on Platfoms 1 or 2 you would leave by the main entrance.


  • Turn left out of the station onto Leonard Street
  • Turn left onto St Andrews Street
  • Turn right onto Caledonian Road
  • Walk straight for about half a mile crossing over two sets of traffic lights and a roundabout
  • Turn left at the Police Station onto Barrack Street
  • Continue onto Dunkeld Road
  • Almond Villa is approx 500m on the right hand side.

Approximate distance - 0.9 miles

Approximate time - 18 mins




From rear entrance


If you alight on Platfoms 3 - 7 you may chose to leave by the rear entrance.


  • Walk up the long ramp and turn right onto Glasgow Road
  • Cross over the road and turn left into St Catherines Retail park
  • Walk through the first section of the retail park
  • Cross straight over at the roundabout
  • Walk through the second section of the retail park
  • Veer right through the car park
  • At the corner of a large white building (HIghland House) turn right
  • Head for TK Maxx
  • At TK Maxx turn right onto Dunkeld Road
  • Almond Villa is approx 50m on the right hand side

Approximate distance - 0.7 miles

Approximate time - 14 mins