So we have survived the Christmas and New Year onslaught, gotten through blue Monday what else does January have to bring us?  The start of the year has begun the way the last month ended — unseasonably warm and dry. The end to 2016 saw one of the mildest Decembers in Tayside since records began in 1910. It was 3C warmer than normal and the region only experienced 31% of the average rainfall for the month. Surprisingly in the beginning of January, Perth has been one of the warmest regions in the UK this winter. We are hoping that this continues to the summer. Or at least we are optimistic a balmy summer is due (well we deserve one at any rate.) Today was one of our coldest days of the year at -5C which was a 15 deg C shift from yesterday and although a shock to our system it did make for a spectacular display of glistening frost.

Here is some photographs from our morning walk through the Bield Estate, it was looking like a scene from Narnia.

Jan 2017

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