A Stunned Fledgling

At Almond Villa we have several nests in our garden this year, sparrows, blue tits and great tits, thanks mainly in part to some lovely overgrown hedges. Well the sparrows fledged yesterday and the blue and great tits decided to flee the nest today. It was so much fun watching them find their wings and bomb all over the garden though at some points it did resemble Heathrow with many near misses. DSCF5560Until that is, one great tit went thud into our patio doors. It lay stunned for a good 5 mins and I thought it was dead so I went out to pick it up. As soon as I righted it the wee thing began to cough and splutter. I held it for a while and then tried to put it down cos I could see it’s mum flying around chirp chirping, however it refused must have been still stunned. I tried to put it into the (dry) bird bath, nope, so I tried to put it back into it’s bird box, nope. It stayed on my finger for a good 15 mins until it properly gained it’s composure and then I put it up a tree. Unfortunately 🙁 it fell out of the tree. But was eventually found by Mum 🙂 and after a wee rest made it’s way back up the tree 😀 . Awe bless it looked so helpless.

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