Balhousie Castle Development and Exhibitions

As Friends of the Black Watch, we at Almond Villa Guest House, were delighted when we heard the Balhousie Castle and Museum was having a make over. A development is currently underway to build an extension to the existing castle. The new building with improved entrance will allow for the efficient manning of the ticket desk and shop. There will be an Increase display space; a large area for special exhibitions; educational interpretation and reunions; improved storage for archives and artefacts; improved shop and reception area; accessible visitor facilities, including a tea room and toilets for visitors; improved parking and a designated learning space.Castleimage.web.2011

Better facilities all round will provide a much improved visitor experience together with an opportunity to generate income to help sustain the business of the Museum. The improvements will meet modern standards of accessibility for people with disabilities.

The new development will be ready in time for the Black Watch Regimental Reunion in June 22nd and we wait with anticipation for our annual trip to the garden party.

We also feel honoured to have had an incite into the work going on at the castle. Stephen Umpleby of Artefacts Conservation Services has been staying at the Almond Villa Guest House and has given us tales of the type of display items he has been cataloguing and preparing for the final exhibition. To display objects for exhibition often requires special made-to-measure mounts to be fabricated which not only help to display the objects but also help to protect the objects from damage while on display. Most objects present unique mounting and display problems due largely to their diversity, materials and construction. More information on Stephen’s work can be found at

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