The JK weekend – Scotland 2012

The JK weekend came to Perthshire (Friday 6th – Monday 9th April 2012) where the Scottish Orienteering hosted the Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering.
The JK is one of the largest events in Orienteering in Britain and regularly attracts more than 4,000 competitors. Jan Kjellström (born 1940[1], died 1967) was an orienteer from Sweden who played an important role in the development of the sport of orienteering i

n Great Britain.

From feedback from the guest we had staying here, the event was triumphant, I can only apologise to them that the weather didn’t really play it’s part in the success of the weekend. I hope it didn’t put them or indeed any other competitor off from returning.

Photograph by Wendy Carlyle.

But the the JK isn’t the only large orienteering event to be held on the east coast. The World TrailO Championships in Dundee & Tentsmuir (6 – 9 June) will also offer a full 4 Day programme of public events with prizes generously donated by CompassSport. Enter online via

The 4 days will comprise a TempO event in Camperdown Park (TempO is the sprint equivalent of TrailO, where all the controls are timed), and a model and two TrailO events at Tentsmuir. On the final day the course will be the same as the World Championship course – so a rare opportunity to compare your skills with those of the world’s best. Following on from the Jubilee5 weekend, and with a couple of extra FootO events thrown in as well, there will be a total of 11 varied events in a 9 day period.

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