Ryder Cup 2014 coming to Perthshire!!!

Whilst I’m not 100% sure this photo of Alex Salmond did the haggis pie eating image of Scotland any good (present company excepted, off course) his visit to the Ryder Cup 2012 in Medinah Country Club,Medinah, Illinois certainly got the message across that Perthshire, Scotland, was the next host of the prestigious Ryder Cup.   As a small B&B we are so surprised to have received as many enquiries for the event as we have, already there must be tens of thousands of Americans planning the trip to hopefully see their revenge for the Ryder Cup being snatched from their open hands.

Perth would be an ideal place for any group/family to based themselves during the event.   It is after all, Auchterarder is only 14 minutes along the A9 and the city centre has an abundance of great restaurants.


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