Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year from Almond Villa Guest House PerthThe Christmas and New Year festivities are over and it feels like it is time to return to normality. Well as close to ordinariness as can be possible with a house full of painter and decorators. Yes, Almond Villa is undergoing a make-over. Not quite in the style of Gog Wan but a well needed spruce up. We intend to try and keep much of the charm and quaintness of Almond Villa but just make her a bit smarter. I’m hoping it will all go smoothly and look first-class, watch the website for an update, new photographs will need to be taken! (If it doesn’t look good I have no one else to blame I picked the wallpaper 🙂


We had family friends wanting to come and stay over Hogmany from Sheffield, looking for their first ever Scottish New Year celebration. We recommended they attended the Hogmany revelry at Perth Racecourse, they have everything all wrapped up with celebrations split over 2 floors. A ceilidh on the lower floor and a live disco upstairs if you need a rest after the Dashing White Sargeant. They also managed to board the, very reasonable, return bus from the town centre so they didn’t have to worry about anything. They thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment though were exhausted the following day having found muscles they didn’t know existed. But did think the Haggis, Neeps & Tatties was an acquired taste. I, myself, went into Perth city for dinner at Cafe Roma with family and friends and absolutely enjoyed our evening. The walk home was quite entertaining with all passers-by in good spirits and wishing us Happy New Year.


Wishing you a very prosperous 2011!

Almond Villa

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