Tripadvisor Exceptional Service Award

Almond Villa Guest House were delighted to have received a certificate for Tripadvisor Exceptional Service Award Nomination. Shauna was nominated by one of our guests for providing a professional service. She was so surprised and pleased to be nominated that it didn’t matter that she didn’t win she was just delighted to have been thought of in such a special way and that someone took their time to nominate her to Tripadvisor.


In October 2014 TripAdvisor announced the winners of its inaugural Exceptional Service Awards. TripAdvisor launched the awards first to U.K. and US travellers asking them to nominate hospitality professionals who went above and beyond to deliver outstanding service in the past twelve months. After receiving more than 3,500 nominations in October 2014, TripAdvisor selected 40 winners across 21 countries worldwide.

“Everyone who travels knows that the service you receive can elevate any trip to a memorable one,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. “A recent TripAdvisor survey revealed that more than two thirds of respondents didn’t think hospitality professionals receive sufficient recognition for their efforts. Through the Exceptional Service Awards, we’re trying to change that by acknowledging stars of the hospitality industry who made a difference by going the extra mile for their guests and clearly made a lasting impression on the TripAdvisor community.”


T in the Park is set to be the best weekend of summer 2015 as we say #HelloStrathallan on 10th-12th July 2015!

Tickets went on sale on Friday 5th December at 9am at and are the same price for the third year running. The £50 deposit scheme will also be available – the easiest, most affordable way to get you to T in the Park 2015. Pay £50 now and pay up in two more instalments next year!

We can’t wait for yet another weekend of friends, fun, epic music and of course the legendary T in the Park atmosphere that we take with us wherever we go.

T in the park 2015

Happy New Year everybody!

The Almond Villa guest house would like to warmly wish all our customers a very Happy New and hope your Hogmanay is a good one!

As the year comes to an end, don’t look back at yesterday’s disappointment. Look ahead to the new opportunities and promises yet to unfold.


Happy New Year 2015

SNP Returning to Perth for their 80th Annual National Conference

nicola sturgeon



The SNP are delighted to return to Perth for our 80th Annual National Conference to be held on the 14th-15th of November 2014. Which comes on the high after Nicola Sturgeon’stour of Scotland. She held a series of sell-out events to rally and engage the tens of thousands of new members who have joined the Scottish National Party since the referendum. Party membership has gone from around 25,000 on referendum day to over 80,000 and rising.

Perth was delighted to be chosen again to host the event though small business owners fear that the national conference will have out grown Perth with the conference having to move due to the unprecedented numbers of new members.

The SNP believe Scotland has a tremendous opportunity in September this year to vote for a chance to make the most of Scotland’s potential, gaining equality and responsibility in the modern world. For visitors from the corporate and third sectors, Conference offers the chance to discuss and debate the issues of importance to you, in a time and arena when you know not only the public and politicians will be listening, but the world’s media will be watching.

The 2014 Blackball International World Championshipsblackball

Perth will be hosting The World Pool Championships 2014. The venue for this prestigious event is the superb Bells Sports Centre. Hay Street, Perth. The competition starts on Sunday 26th October and play ends on Friday 31st October. Players from all over the world will be participating. The Championship will be recorded for television. Look out for the Scotland team in Friday’s edition of the local Perthshire Advertiser.

TV Coverage: there will be Live coverage on Premier Sports in the UK and Setanta Sports in Ireland and Youtube see below for scheduled times:-

Thursday 4pm to 11pm Friday midday to 8pm First 3 hours on Freeview channel 428 Sky and 511 on Virgin There are many categories & events including:- MENS – 5 Person Team, Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles LADIES  – 5 Person Team & Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles SENIORS (Over 40s) – 5 Person Team, Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles MASTERS (Over 50s) – 5 Person Team, Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles UNDER 18s –  5 Person Team, Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles SPECIAL NEEDS LADIES – 3 Person Team, Individual Event, Speed Pool & Scotch Doubles WHEELCHAIR – Individual Event There will be qualifiers for ALL individual sections taking place at Bells Sports Centre Perth on Saturday the 25th October starting at 12 noon.

Click here for the schedule of play

Rain fails to dampen spirits at Perth Highland Games

perth highland games

A slate grey sky greeted the opening of Perth Highland Games as organisers looked to the heavens and crossed their fingers.


Early visitors enjoyed a vibrant start to the annual event on the city’s North Inch, from where the skirl of the pipes echoed through the heart of the city.

More than 40 top pipe bands were represented at the games, among them nine Grade 1 Bands who will be competing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow at the weekend.

As the heavy events got under way and solo pipers performed for judges around the site, the bands made for a fine spectacle in front of good, early crowds.

There were also plenty of fun activities on offer for youngsters, together with a large number of stalls in the trade village.

Having threatened for three hours, the predicted rain finally began to fall at midday — and then continued to fall for much of the day.

Spectators huddled beneath umbrellas and wrapped against the elements, dived for cover in tents each time the downfall began to increase in ferocity.

It finally settled to a steady drizzle that continued throughout much of the annual event. To the dismay of organisers, the weather did seem to have an impact upon the number of people that turned out.

There was also a moment of anguish when it appeared that some of the pipe bands were fleeing the rain as buses moved about the games site.

Fortunately the news came back that most were simply awaiting their chance to perform aboard their vehicles, which were being moved in case they became stuck on the games ground.

Among their number were entrants from the US, Canada, Australia, Oman, South Africa and New Zealand — together with a number of high-calibre Scottish bands.

There were also more than 70 solo pipers and a large number of Highland dancers, who were fortunate to have a covered stage on which to perform.

Elsewhere within the arena, spectators peering through the drizzle were able to enjoy keenly contested track and cycling events and the heavyweight championship.

Organisers, meanwhile, dashed around the site, dodging the heaviest showers and doing their best to ensure that the rain had as little impact upon proceedings as possible.

Once again everyone who took part in this year’s Kilt Run throughly enjoyed their day. Thankfully the weather was very kind to all the runners who joined us on the North Inch.

This year, as a special twist, the stars of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, the Scotties were once again the centre of attention at the Perth Kilt Run. They joined the hundreds of runners at the North Inch taking part in the race.

scotties kilts



Almond Villa Guest House extend our congratulations to St Johnstone on their success in reaching the Final of the Scottish Cup this season. Now that they are in the Cup Final we are confident that you will press on to greater success, and you can be assured we will all be cheering for Saint Johnstone in the Cup Final.

Come saints, our hearts are with you!!

Inspiration Tour

Jamie MacDougall’s : Inspiration Tour is coming to The Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff. The distillery is situated in the picturesque heart of Perthshire and their newly refurbished Bar area is a delightful intimate performance space!

jamie mcDougall

That’s why renowned Scottish tenor, BBC presenter and entertainer Jamie MacDougall is inviting you to join him for an evening of INSPIRATIONS. The show includes songs from every genre of music – opera to Broadway musical to traditional Scottish. All songs have a special story to tell and have inspired Jamie throughout his twenty-five year career in the music industry. Expect to hear everything from Pavarotti – the king of high C’s, to Elvis – the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Tickets are £15; no concessions (includes booking fee) and is on Friday 16 May, 7.30pm – on the night, expect exclusive discounts for ticketholders in The Famous Grouse Experience shop!

Grand old osprey: Lady returns to Loch of the Lowes nature reserve

The UK’s oldest known osprey returned to her nest at a Scottish wildlife reserve – only to end up in a mid-air showdown with a love rival.

The “veteran matriarch”, affectionately known as Lady and thought to be 28 years old, has nested at the Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire for a record-breaking 24 consecutive years.

Staff at the wildlife reserve identified her through her plumage and eye markings when she landed at 6.49am after completing her 3,000-mile migration from West Africa.

On arrival, the osprey who has also given birth to a record number of chicks, found her mate in a nest with a different female, but dive-bombed the rival out of sight.


Emma Rawling, The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Perthshire Ranger, said: “Lady is a veteran matriarch.

“We never take her return for granted because she is getting old and it’s a long journey from West Africa.

“And we were not even sure whether it was going to work out this year, because there was a rival female in the nest next door.

“But as soon Lady arrived, she dive-bombed and chased the rival away. She reclaimed her nest and her mate.

“She definitely put him in place. The female rival was chased off and has not been seen since. We don’t expect her to come back. Hopefully she will find somewhere else to nest.

“Lady has certainly wasted no time in mating. Courtship is definitely under way and they are looking very comfortable with each other.”

(© HEMEDIA / SWNS Group) via STV via STV At 28, Lady has outlived the average lifespan of a wild osprey three times over.The majestic species normally produce about 20 chicks in their lifetime, but Lady also broke records after she laid 68 eggs and reared 50 chicks.

The osprey couple have already began their courtship and Lady is expected to lay two to four eggs in early April which will hatch in about six weeks time.

Her every move is captured on a special webcam which is monitored round the clock by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and followed by millions online

Emma said: “She has become an ambassador for ospreys. She is the oldest known osprey in the UK and is followed by people around the world.

“There were more than two million hits on our webcam last year, which gives you some idea of how popular she is.

“She’s a glamorous bird with an interesting personality and people feel connected with her story.

“She is a very old bird and for her to undertake another successful migration is testament to just how special she is, however, it does demonstrate the conservation success story of the species as a whole.

“To think that ospreys were extinct just over a century ago, really brings home how accomplished the concerted effort of conservation has been in that time.

“The questions now are whether she will breed, if any eggs will hatch and whether any chicks fledge.

“People should tune in to the Ospreycam and read the blog in order to keep up-to-date with all the news here at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre.”